Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Prequel to the Champion of the Sidhe series

 Coming Feb 2nd!

You'll be able to read the entire short story “In Whom You Trust” online. We will be hosting the blog hop for the story, which will be posted in 6 parts over 6 different blogs.

"In Whom you Trust" is a prequel to the Champion of the Sidhe series, an urban fantasy adventure. Begin your journey at http://feycast.blogspot.com for part 1 on Feb 2nd after 8am EST. Follow the links at the bottom of each section to go to the next part of the story.

Not only are we sharing “In Whom You Trust” for your enjoyment, but we are also having an awesome giveaway with this blog hop! This is how you play: Leave a comment at the bottom of ALL 6 parts of the story. Make sure you include your email address or we can't send you your prize! During the month of February 2012, every single person that leaves a comment on all 6 parts will receive ebook copies of End of the World (Champion of the Sidhe #1) and Champion of the Fey (Champion of the Sidhe #2). And at the end of the month ONE winner will be selected to receive the uber prize package of ALL 3 of The Sidhe mini-series (Champion of the Sidhe, Rise of the Unseelie, and Touched) 15 ebooks in all. (Note: Each mini-series is 5 books long. Books 1 and 2 for each series will be awarded immediately. Books 3 will be released in the Spring, books 4 in the Summer, and books 5 in the Fall.)

Hope you will join us for this blog hop!

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